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Scanlog Shipping ApS

Scanlog Shipping ApS is a fully independent Danish founded logistics company focused on international and global transport solutions for our Global customers.

Scanlog Shipping offers complete international freight forwarding and logistics solutions using all transportation modes: air, sea, road, rail and multimodal.
We also offer specifically tailored solutions for transports intermediate goods and spare parts to the shipping and offshore industries; aerospace industry- and defence logistics; global courier services and special regional logistics solutions.
Our hand-picked staff has extensive experience and management expertise, and we are working actively to ensure competitive and innovative logistics solutions to exceed our customers’ expectations.
In partnership with customers, suppliers and employees Scanlog Shipping provides sustainable logistics solutions characterized by a greater commitment, responsibility and reliability.


- Our values -

Our mission


Our quality and environmental work is a closely integrated part of what we do, and is constantly in focus. We are certified in accordance with the quality standard ISO 9001 as well as with the environmental standard ISO 14001.

Transports significantly affect the environment, both directly and indirectly. As an international logistics provider we have a responsibility to strive at minimizing the negative environmental impact as far as possible.

By working with all transport modes within the same organization, we can fully focus on letting only the desire to create cost-effective and environmentally sustainable solutions guide the choice of transport mode.

Through an extensive network of contacts, we can often find ways to exploit trucks, railway wagons, sea containers and even airplanes that otherwise run empty.

In our multi-modal transportation system, we use containers and railway wagons that have already been used for export cargo and thus contribute to higher capacity utilization and reduced environmental impact by triangulations.

Our quality work also means that we develop creative and innovative solutions by focusing on details while simultaneously having a comprehensive understanding of the whole, and a constant quest for improvement.

All employees are in their daily work responsible for that our environmental and quality objectives are achieved.

Carbon offset

We release too much greenhouse gases and use more resources than the earth has the capacity to generate.

Over the past decades the Global Footprint Network together with WWF have calculated the Earth Overshoot Day, when the earth’s annual production of natural resources is depleted. The first Earth Overshoot Day occurred on December 19, 1987. In 2018, the day took place on August 1.

By the end of 2018 we have thus consumed the corresponding 1.7 globe of the Earth’s renewable resources.

Scanlog Shipping offers our clients the opportunity to participate in the journey towards a more sustainable society by offsetting the carbon emissions from the transport we carry out.

Research shows that more and more consumers and businesses around the world prefer to buy their products and services from companies that take responsibility for their climate impact.

So why not do something that is not only good for the environment but also a good argument for choosing your products.

When the carbon footprint of your transport is offset, the investment goes to projects that in addition to making positive climate impact, also contribute to social sustainability in the local community.

Carbon offsetting means that emissions of greenhouse gases, measured in carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2e), which have not been reduced by other internal measures, are compensated through investing in emission reduction projects in developing and LDC countries.

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