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Sea Freight

Scanlog Shippings independence, global network, knowledge and experience give us possibilities to ensure the right solution for sea transport when it comes to both lead times and cost, regardless of market or port relation.
For our customers who are not interested in how many containers we handle or which ships we use, but who want a tailored solutions suited to their own needs, regardless of whether it is full container loads, LCL, none or haz-containerized cargo. 
Our customers do not need to adapt to the large multinationals’ routines or systems, they can rely on us always ensuring their needs and interests. In our door-to-door setup, we also cater for pre- and on-carriage to and from ports and terminals at predetermined delivery time slots.

Air Freight

Scanlog Shippings’s autonomy and independence from airline alliances ensure our ability to customize a transport solution that meets our customers’ expectations for a speedy transit at the right cost.

There are more airlines and cargo carrier possibilities (ULDs) than what our customers care to know.
Many logistics companies speak proudly about how many tons they ship or how big aircrafts they use. We focus on our customer’s specific needs to tailor time- and cost optimized solutions. We are available when our customers need us 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. 


Road Freight

Through our system for both full and partloads we offer European industriy a possibility to reach customers and suppliers across Europe timely, safely and cost efficiently.
Scanlog Shipping covers all of Europe with daily departures using product adapted trailers. Our road solutions are suitable for all types of goods, and our extensive and fully independent network of transport partners in Europe offers accessibility and optimal flexibility at very competitive cost. 
Our project specialists create tailored solutions for special transports, for example to construction sites with strict demands for exact timing and safety.

Rail Freight

As freight forwarder in Scandinavia we offer solutions for all kind of transport demands for exports as well as imports.

Thanks to our close relationships with state railways, private rail operators and wagon providers we create optimal logistics solutions based on specific customer requirements with environmental and economic advantages.

We also create multimodal solutions including pre- and on-carriage to and from rail terminals as part of our door-to-door offering. By utilizing transportation means already used for export cargo, we contribute to increased capacity utilization and reduced environmental impact in cooperation with Scandinavian industry.



We offer the warehousing flexibility you need!Scanlog Shipping rely on independent warehouses that meet our client's needs! We ensures that your goods are optimally stored in the freight warehouse and handled in the most cost-efficient way. 
In Scanlog Shipping we offer a wide variety of services within the warehouse:
Long and short term warehousingDepending on clients needs, we tailor the right solution for the specific client and cargo
Packaging and repackagingWe can replace packaging of products. This including palletizing, repacking, replacing of damaged boxes etc.
LabelingWe can label your products with customer-specific information, including logos and barcodes.

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